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    Tin cans 101

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    Coffee cans
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    Wholesale Coffee Cans for Specialty Roasters

        Looking for a china source for your coffee cans?  We are a leading coffee tins packaging factory based on shenzhen for yeards .  We understand your need for an air-tight, attractive package that is 100% recyclable. Metal coffee cans are not a thing of the past. Metal packaging has superior look, feel and shelf    stability. We also have canister style, decorative coffee tins for gift sets

    and bagged coffee.  Our seamless tins make great s
    amplers or containers for coffee co




         Aideli Can offers a variety of stock and custom coffee tins; ideal for gourmet blends. We service roasteries, both large and small. Decorative gift containers and air-tight, hermetic packaging is available.


    Tin packaging for coffee is the most earth-friendly choice Learn more…  

    Our coffee cans have reflectivity without foils and shelf stability without plastic valves or poly liners.  

    Our coffee canisters feature a variety of  speciality closures

    such as easy open and valve ends.or screw top lid with ring pull. We also offer decorative metal over-caps that can be printed or embossed. Once the hermetic seal is removed they can be resealed. Natural plastics overcaps are available from stock.

    Brand recognition is another great reason to choose coffee tins instead of plastic.  A branded metal coffee container has a higher perceived value.  Gift packages and gift sets that include cover and other edibles benefit from the look of a decorative tin can.   Whether you are trying to capture a the nostalgic look and feel of a coffee can from decades past or wow prospective customers with a reflective tin package, you will want to choose Independent Can as your source. Customers of all sizes trust us with their brand’s image.


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    coffee cans





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