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    Tin cans 101

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    Decorative Tins
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    Specialty and Industrial
    Aideli  offers an ample range of Specialty and Industrial Tins for packaging a wide array of products. With nearly a century of manufacturing experience, we can assist you with developing a package to meet your marketing needs.

    For those desiring a custom tin, we can print on all surfaces of the can - interior and exterior, top and bottom. Embossing is available for those wishing to imprint a logo on the top or bottom of the tin. To accommodate products with high acidity (i.e. tomato paste & solvent) or water content, tins can be lined with FDA approved lacquers and other linings. Aideli  also has an extensive selection of Specialty and Industrial Tins available in stock and ready to ship.


    Interior Seal Tins
    A great container that consumers call "Fresh!" A pliable ring fits to the interior allowing for a straight-sided slender profile can. Several diameters and heights are available by special order. Covers are de-bossed for the 2 11/16" diameter.

    Uses for Interior Seal Tins include:

    • candies
    • cosmetics
    • powdered drink mixes
    • spices
    • teas
    Welded Tins
    Versatile containers with welded seams are available in many diameters and heights, from 3" x 1 1/2" to 12 3/16" x 17". Welded tins may be lithographed but also look very attractive with labels. Many sizes are in stock and ready to ship!

    Welded Tins include Single & Multiple Friction and Hermetic Tins.

    Uses for Welded Tins include:

    • auto body filler
    • candles
    • coffee
    • industrial wax
    • ink
    • peanuts
    • petroleum products
    • syrup
    • wax

    Closure Options for all Welded Tins:

    • Domed slipcovers
    • EZ Open pull-tabs and more!
    • Seamed-on ends
    • Single- and multiple-friction covers
    • Slipcovers w/ stacking feature, allow tins to rest on top of one another without toppling over

    Single & Multiple Friction Tins
    Single Friction � a plug-style metal cap fits snugly into a seamed-on ring. The outside edge of the plug snaps into the interior edges of the ring, creating one sealing surface. 
    Multiple Friction - similar to the Single Friction except the plug fits into a "well" on the seamed-on ring. The plug snaps into the ring and two surfaces (the outside and inside edge) come in contact with the ring, creating two sealing surfaces on the plug/ring combination (similar to a typical paint can).
    Hermetic Tins
    Perfectly airtight - Allstate hermetic tin cans are commonly used for coffee cans, peanut cans, automotive fluid cans, and powdered drink mix cans. These specialty tins give you the ability to vacuum pack your product. Beaded and straight-sided options available as well as seamed ends or EZ Open style ends. Special interior and exterior coatings are available. Standard diameters include 211 (2-11/16", 401 (4-1/4"), 502 (5-1/8"), and 603 (6-3/16").
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