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    Dear Customer: Hello! Thank you for your use of our products.

    The company will provide you with the following services:

    1. The company provides free on-site installation and commissioning, free warranty for 12 months from the purchase of the product; (see product manual for details)

    2. Provide you with information on tank making (matching information such as tinplate, tinplate color printing, punching machine, etc.);

    3. Provide information on can accessories (wire wire lifting, sealing ring, plastic handle, welding ear, etc.);

    4. Provide replacement information on used canning equipment;

    5. Provide canning technical support;

    (1) Visit the production line of complete sets of can equipment;

    (2) Free training of canning technicians;

    (3) hiring a canner;

    (4) Old equipment technology update;