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     Unique packaging for your products call for a strategic packaging partner that can share your vision while respecting your budget. AIDELI  offers an ample range of specialty and industrial metal packaging and containers for a wide array of products. Nearing a century of manufacturing excellence, we service the cosmetics, food, coffee and tea industries, gift and stationary, and industrial customers such as manufacturers of automobile wax, chemical and petroleum products, and printing ink.
       For those desiring a CUSTOM TIN, we can print on all surfaces of the can - interior and exterior, top and bottom. To accommodate products with high acidity (e.g. flavored coffees & solvent) or water content, tins can be lined with food-safe lacquers or other coatings.

       We understand promotional packaging requires creativity. Call us to discuss your ideas and needs. We’ll help guide you through the process and provide precisely the right packaging unique to your product and requirements.